About Me

A little bit about me...

Welcome to Fancy Fox Balloons! I'm Kristin Ballantine, the proud founder and owner of this vibrant venture nestled in the heart of Brockville, Ontario. As a Certified Balloon Artist, I bring a splash of color and a burst of creativity to every celebration. Beyond my love for crafting fun and unique balloon arrangements, I am happily married and share my life with two delightful Whoodles, Jaxon and Wallace.

Balancing my passion for balloons, I also follow a keto lifestyle and find joy in practices like meditation, breathwork, and cold exposure. My journey into the world of balloon artistry began as a quest to infuse more color into my own life. Now, I invite you to explore the endless possibilities of balloon decor with Fancy Fox Balloons.

What is a CBA?

A Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) is a professional in the balloon industry who has achieved certification through the Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN), a professional organization that sets industry standards for balloon artistry and decor.

To become a CBA, balloon artists must complete a rigorous training program that covers a wide range of skills and knowledge, including balloon twisting, balloon decor, safety procedures, and business practices. They must also pass a written exam, submit a portfolio of their work for review, and demonstrate their skills and knowledge of the curriculum during a four-hour, hands-on CBA Practical Exam administered by a panel of industry experts.

The CBA designation indicates that the balloon artist has met a high standard of professionalism and expertise in the field of balloon artistry. CBAs are recognized as leaders in the industry and are often called upon to create custom balloon designs for events, parties, and other occasions.